Jim Cooksey, Greenleaf President's Bio

James L. Cooksey, President

James L. Cooksey, President

Prior to being one of the founders of Greenleaf, James L. Cooksey retired after serving for 42 years as a finance officer for special districts that manage water resources in Texas.  He is currently a finance, accounting and administrative consultant.  Mr. Cooksey began his public service in 1971 with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority following his release from active duty from the U.S. Navy.

Mr. Cooksey held several positions with the Authority with most of his 28 years as the Chief Financial Officer.  While serving as GBRA’s CFO, Mr. Cooksey was responsible for all accounting, finance, personnel and administrative functions of the Authority.  He was a key member of the senior staff and participated in the planning and development of many projects.  Mr. Cooksey not only had experience in administration, but he also managed construction work that included both water and wastewater treatment plants.

While at GBRA, Mr. Cooksey had staff responsibility for the financing of several GBRA projects as well as the issuance of private activity bonds for pollution control facilities and manufacturing facilities for industries.  He was very active in the Seguin community serving on several boards and committees, including President of the Seguin-Guadalupe County Chamber of Commerce. 

Mr. Cooksey left the GBRA in 1998 and joined the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority (Now the Gulf Coast Authority) as its Chief Financial Officer.  He served in that capacity until his retirement in July 2013.  During his tenure at the GCA, Mr. Cooksey was responsible for the issuance of over $2 billion in private activity bonds to finance pollution control facilities for industries.  He was also responsible for the operation of the Authority’s Blackhawk Regional Waste Treatment Plant.

Mr. Cooksey was a member of the Texas Water Conservation Association for over 40 years.  He served on the Board of Directors of the TWCA Risk Management Fund for 25 years, and was its Chairman when he retired.  Mr. Cooksey was also an active member of the Government Finance Officers’ Association of the U.S. and Canada and the Government Finance Officers’ Association of Texas.  He served for two years as the President of the Gulf Coast Government Finance Officers’ Association.  Mr. Cooksey is a graduate of Texas Lutheran University.

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“Greenleaf is built on the foundation of stewardship.”

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First, Greenleaf is built on the stewardship of the environment. We are dedicated to offering services that keep our environment clean and safe, while also minimizing our footprint. Second, it is built on the stewardship of human resources. We strive to have a safe working environment as well as a team spirit among our employees. Third, it is built on the stewardship of service to our customers. We want to offer the best available technology for our customers to manage their hazardous waste needs. Fourth, it is built on the stewardship of our community. We want to be good citizens and add value to our community. Last, Greenleaf is built on the stewardship of financial responsibility. We owe our investors and bondholders minimum financial risk while earning a reasonable return on their investment.
— James Cooksey
Downtown Houston, TX

Downtown Houston, TX