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Distinctive Waste Removal


If you have an interest in protecting the environment while managing your hazardous wastes using the latest technology on the market, then you need to contact us and learn about our service.

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Find out who we are, about our organization, our mission, and why Greenleaf is the future.



Learn about our powerful EnerSol technology (PEGS), and how we achieve our incredible results.



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Greenleaf is built on the foundation of stewardship. First, it is built on the stewardship of the environment. We are dedicated to offering services that keep our environment clean and safe, while also minimizing our footprint.
— Jim Cooksey, President

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hazardous liquid and solid wastes


Greenleaf Waste Solutions, LLC was created in 2014 to provide for the destruction of hazardous liquids and solid waste. Our market area is defined by Region 6 of the USEPA which includes Texas and its contiguous states.